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SexNot all married couples can always have sex every day, sometimes because endless busyness makes the couple having sex while becoming scarce seldom berhubungana can destroy intimacy sex couples.Well for those of you who are currently rare meulau sex with a partner for whatever reason, it just try to do some of the following ways so that you're always having sex with a regular partner. Want to know what do I see 5 Ways To Have Sex selalau Could this beikut.

1. Overcoming StressSometimes people who are experiencing stress will not be excited when solicited for sex while stress can be eliminated by having sex, but if you still find it difficult to get rid of stress do some ways you can get rid of stress such as inhaling aromatherapy before climbing into bed.2. It is differentGive a different thing when you have sex with a partner is guaranteed to be curious about your partner that will surprise surprise given her partner.3. Berhnti smoking and drinking alcoholBoth of these are the main cause loss of sex drive if you want to pair your sex drive should reappear from now do not smoke and drink alcohol again.4. Often cuddleIf there is no physical contact, usually sex drive will decline. So it is important for you to cuddle to bring more frequent desire to make love with a partner. Hugs also make you more happy because the body secretes the hormone oxytocin when you're together with your loved ones.5. Diligent SportsExercise is good for health in addition to good health by exercising regularly turns will make you more passionate on the bed because of all the functions of your body puppets healthy work because of frequent exercise.

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